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Country needs scientific development- Patali

The country needs scientifically planned development and not political pompous, said Megapolis and Western Development Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka.

He noted that the best example of non-scientific development is Hambantota, where the previous government spent the most on ports, airports and elaborate roads to display their political pompous. The current government has also invested the most in the Hambantota area, but despite all this, children are dying of malnutrition.

“Just because roads are built and free goods are distributed among the people, their living standards do not improve. Take for example the recent tragedy where a child died of malnutrition. However, the highest investment has taken place from 2005 to 2019 in Hambantota. It’s the same with the previous government and the same with the current government as well. While only Rs. 45,000 was spent per capita in all other areas from 2005-2015, in Hambantota that amount was Rs. 1.5 million per capita. Yet despite all this extravagant expenditure, children are dying of starvation. This is a result of unscientific investments. No matter how much is invested, if it is not done scientifically, it will not be beneficial for the people.

However, it development was done scientifically, not just Hambantota, the whole country would have developed in a sustainable manner,” Ranawaka pointed out.

He said even the Cabinet of Ministers must be appointed scientifically as the Constitution limits the number to 30. “However, the subjects should be divided scientifically and the allocations should be made based on their requirements. But now this is not how things are done. Some ministries are being dished out allocations with a different ladle,” he said, adding that allocations should be made based on the productivity of the relevant ministries.

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