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Folic acid tablets safe for pregnant mothers

The folic acid tablets provided for pregnant mothers by the Medical Supplies Division (MSD) of the Health Ministry is completely safe, Health Ministry spokesman said.

According to the spokesman a women's organization recently stated to media that the MSD provides low quality folic acid tablets to mothers. The MSD Director Dr. Thusitha Sudarshana informed the Health Ministry that the folic acid tablets provide to pregnant mothers are up to the required quality.

 The folic acid percentage that should be in one tablet is 90 percent and in 2014 some folic acid tablets with 87 percent folic acid in the produced. The lot was removed without issuing to pregnant mothers. No money paid for the lot, he said.

“The batch of folic acid tablets issued to pregnant mothers have a quality assurance certificate issued by the National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) and the tablets are being produced at the State Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Corporation (SPMC), which has an excellent reputation for producing high-quality drugs,” he added.


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