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Rival protests over new Kalmunai North Division

This protest is not against any community but is in support of the Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala communities," said Kalmunai Subadraramaya Viharadhipathi Ven. Ranmuthugala Sangarathana Thera who has been observing a fast to death since June 17. Ven. Ranmuthugala Sangarathana Thera along with three others have staged a satyagraha in support of a request made by Tamils in Kalmunai to upgrade the Kalmunai North Divisional Secretariat as a separate entity.

At the same time, Muslim organizations have begun a similar ‘satyagraha’ close to the private bus stand in Kalmunai objecting to the upgrading of the Kalmunai North Divisional Secretariat.


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