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Emergency will be lifted soon - Amaraweera

MP Mahinda Amaraweera said that Emergency regulations imposed after the Easter Sunday terror attack will be lifted soon.

He was addressing the media yesterday on behalf of the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) at the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) headquarters in Colombo together with Parliamentarians Duminda Dissanayake and Weerakumara Dissanayake.

“The Emergency situation will have to be extended for only one more occasion and with the establishment of normalcy it will be lifted soon. However, the Security Forces could be deployed for duties of improving the country’s security situation as a result of the imposition of the Emergency,” he said.

When he was asked about the next SLFP Presidential candidate, he said President Maithripala Sirisena has never refused to contest the next Presidential Election.

MP Amaraweera while drawing attention to the President’s statement that he (President Sirisena) would take an honourable decision regarding the next Presidential election, added that President Sirisena might be the next Presidential candidate as he has never decided to contest again. According to him he is the ideal candidate of a broad alliance, which will be formed with other leftist forces.

“The SLFP has become the party which has powers to decide on the next Presidential candidate,” he added.

He, while speaking on the repealing of the “Revival of Underperforming Enterprises or Underutilized Assets Act, No.43 of 2011” said that the government is going to privatise several profit earning public utilities.

According to him this is a move to privatise Sevanagala and Pelawatta sugar factories again.

With that Revival of Underperforming Enterprises or Underutilized Assets Act, 46 private entities including Sevanagala and Pelawatta sugar factories were taken back to the government and brought under the management of the Government. Of these 46 institutions, many of them are making profit including Pelawatta and Sevanagala sugar factories. But, with the Act going to be presented in Parliament on Thursday the Government will reprivatize those public own institutions again including profit making ones.

He noted that the Sevanagala and Pelawatta sugar factories will be taken back to the government under a Government formed by them.

“The SLFP will launch a huge campaign against this decision as thousands of sugarcane cultivators will be affected by this decision,” he added.

Amaraweera said that moves taken to eradicate the drug menace and underworld are in full swing under the guidance of the President.

MP Duminda Dissanayake said the government can easily go for a General Election without wasting public funds for a referendum by forwarding a proposal to Parliament. It is the easiest way to go for a General Election since such a proposal will easily receive a two thirds majority.

The Parliament Select Committee (PSC) was appointed by the government aiming to cover the allegations levelled against it following the Easter Sunday terror attacks.

Replying to a question, Amaraweera said that it is unethical to appoint a person drawing salaries from another country to a post of the Parliament. Such officers, who draw salaries from other countrries, will work for their superiors. Asked what steps will be taken against Vijith Wijayamuni Zoysa, who is said to be offered a organisership of the United National Party, Amaraweera said that the SLFP Central Committee will take a decision on him.

Dissanayake said that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa was defeated in 2015 due to family rule. Many family members of the Rajapaksa family were ministers of the then government.

“I personally believe that no more Rajapaksas will rule the country as the country has had enought of the Rajapaksa rule. The on-going discussions between the SLFP and SLPP will be expedite if there isn’t a Rajapaksa as the next Presidential candidate. The young and second line of the party should be given a chance,” he said.

Dissanayake said that candidates are also duty bound to elect suitable and young persons as MPs next time.

“Of the 225 persons, only 70 persons were under 55 years of age” he said.

He highlighted that they are standing for establishing one law for the entire country.

MP Weerakumara Dissanayake said that the SLFP has become a headache to both the UNP and the SLPP.


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