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Kabir Hashim, Abdul Haleem resume Ministries


Former Ministers Kabir Hashim and M.H.A. Haleem, who resigned from their ministerial portfolios earlier this month, were re-appointed yesterday (19) to their previous posts.

The two ministers were sworn-in before President Maithripala Sirisena, yesterday morning.

Kabir Hashim was sworn in as Minister of Highways, Road Development and Petroleum Resources Development and M.H.A. Haleem took oaths as Minister of Postal Services & Muslim Religious Affairs.

All Muslim ministers including the Cabinet, State and Deputy Ministers in the government resigned from their ministerial portfolios on June 3rd citing the government’s failure to ensure the safety of Muslims following Easter Sunday attacks. At the time, they said that it was to be a symbolic act to register their protest.

At meeting held on Tuesday with the participation of Muslim Ministers who resigned from their posts, it was decided that a decision on resumption of ministerial positions could be taken by their respective political party leaderships.


Kabir and Haleem take oaths again-Time: 11:45

Parliamentarians Kabir Hashim and Abdul Haleem, who had resigned as Ministers in the cabinet, took oaths today as Ministers once again.


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