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Bid to halt rapid de-forestation:

Mechanical chainsaw imports banned

The Cabinet of Ministers has decided on the ban of imports of mechanical chainsaws in order to prevent further deforestation of the island, the Daily News learns. The ban was decided on due to drastic reduction of forest cover on the island.

“The government is implementing various programs aimed at increasing forest cover from the current 29.7 percent of land area, to 32 percent by 2030. More than 82 000 chainsaws have been registered and necessary steps will be taken to prohibit the import of mechanical chainsaws,” the cabinet decision read.

The proposal had been presented by President Maithripala Sirisena in his capacity as Minister of Mahaweli Development and Environment. In addition to the ban, all lands owned by government institutions that cannot be used effectively for economic purposes will be taken over by the Department of Forest Conservation.

In approving a proposal presented by the President, land owned by the Land Reform Commission and Sri Lanka Cashew corporation will also be brought under the purview of this project.


Cabinet approves to ban chainsaws-Time: 11:04

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the proposal to ban the import of chainsaws to Sri Lanka, the Department of Government Information said.

The proposal was made by the President Maithripala Sirisena.


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