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PSC urges media to engage in accurate, factual reporting

The Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) appointed to probe the Easter Sunday attacks urged media yesterday to engage in accurate and factual reporting without resorting to speculation.

Deputy Speaker and Chairman of the PSC Ananda Kumarasiri emphasized that this was the first time that the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) proceedings was opened to the media and accordingly,the mainstream media should report PSC proceedings in a very transparent and responsible manner.

Kumrasiri said certain media had gone on to speculate so-called behind the scenes activities rather than concentrating on factual reporting of the proceedings of the PSC.

The Deputy Speaker warned that the PSC will not hesitate to take action against media institutions under powers and privileges vested with the PSC if media institutions engage in speculation and erroneous reporting with regards to the PSC proceedings. He urged the media to only concentrate on what happens at the official PSC proceedings and not what transpires during the lunch break and tea time. The Parliamentary Select Committee to look into the multiple terrorist attacks on churches and hotels at several locations in the country on Easter Sunday and report to Parliament was appointed on May 22. Deputy Speaker Ananda Kumarasiri is the Chairman of the PSC.

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