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Great comebacks and going down memory lane of Bradby

On June 1, the Trinitians walked into their rugby grounds at Pallekelle as favourites in the first leg of the 75th Bradby Shield game against their traditional rivals at rugby Royal College. The Royalists played as a team to crush the Trinitians by 34 points to 17. In this game the Royalists led by Thulaib Hassen played an intelligent game and produced some quality rugby. Today the second leg will be played at Royal Complex and the hosts Royal College will go all out to make it five-in-a-row.

There have been over ten occasions in the Bradby Shield series where a team which lost the first leg had come up with a remarkable performance to win the return match, but this time it is going to be a difficult task.

The Bradby series began sensationally in 1945 when the Royal side led by CDL Fernando beat Trinity led by Robert Sourjah by 3-0 in the first leg and in the second leg Trinity won 6-0. In the following year the same process was repeated when the Trinity lost the first leg in Kandy 0-3 and won the return match in Colombo 8-0. In that year, Trinitians were led by S.B. Pilapitiya and Royal by Mahesh Rodrigo. Then in 1962, Royal under U.L. Kaluarachchi won the first game 5-0 and lost the return game to the Trinitians led by N.T.E. Brohier 9-0. In 1972, Athula Unantenne led the Trinitians who were celebrating their centenary. Royal won the first leg in Colombo by 9 points to 8 and in the return in Kandy, Trinity won by 10 points to 3. That year Royal were led by G.D.S. Gunasekara.

In 1973 Royal led by M.G. Muller won the first leg easily by 18 points to 4 at Nittawela and in the return in Colombo, Trinitians led by Jeffrey Yu pulled out a 12 points to 4. Win. In 1979 Royal under the leadership of R.B. Gunasekara went down to the Trinitians led by J.V. Tissera 4-3 in Kandy and in the Colombo game Royal went on the rampage to outplay the Trinitians by 18 points to nil. In 1981, Trinitians led by Ravi Bandaranayake beat Royal led by Sujeewa Cooray 16-3, and in the return clash Royal won by 10 points to 3. In 1983 Trinity led by Ashan Ratwatte beat Royal led by Sriyan Cooray 14-6 in Kandy but in the return match in Colombo, which was the centenary game of the two schools, Royal triumphed by 10 points to 6. Once again in 1985, Trinitians under the captaincy of Manoj Jayatissa won the first leg in Kandy by 18 points to 9 and lost the return 4-3 in Colombo. That year Royal were led by Chiro Nanayakara. Then in 1990, Trinity lost the first leg in Colombo 23-8 and won the second leg 6-0 in Kandy.

These are some of the memoires that came to my mind. So, in today’s game, will an incident of this nature occur. It is not on the cards since Royal has a better side. Trinity may not win the Bradby this time, which is in the custody of Royalists for the last four years. The Trinitians will have to dance to the tune of the rampaging Royalists. All in all, a clean and good display of rugby like in the first leg is expected.

1958 GAME

The writer wishes to go back to the 1958 game, where Royal won after seven years. This game was played at Nittawela grounds, and was one of the best school games seen in that year. From the word go the boys went at it like men possessed. It was indeed a rousing game of rugby. The large crowds present were satisfied, though neither Trinity nor Royal won a point. In this game Royal had the edge on Trinity, They had a heaver pack, and their back line went in for short, crisp, passes, the spirit of passes that the forwards could join in on – and they often did. These things made Trinity’s job tough.

In the first half Royal had more of the game territorially and in the second half nearly two thirds of it. But during the last ten minutes Trinity attacked vigorously and all but failed to score twice. This made the game an exciting one – for the Trinity supporters at any rate and an anxious one for those who backed Royal.

G. Yangeyzel and M. Anghie the Royal fly half and fullback- relieved pressure by fine kicks to touch and helped to push back the Trinitians by this method. Ken de Joodt and N. Maralande of Trinity gained welcome breathing spaces for their team by finding touch.

Trinity did well to win a number of scrums against a heavier pack. In the line-outs Trinity did better. E.D.K. Roles always prominent and R. Hermon tireless at all times. In the second half Royal laid siege on the Trinity goal and were it not for some ferocious tackling of the Trinitians, they should have scored at least three or four tries.

It was only in the 45th minute that Ken de Joodt with a terrific 40 yard punt brought play into the Royal half. From then Royal had their hands full preventing the Trinitians from going through. The pace was furious.

John Penny refereed and Trinity principal C.J. Oorloff gave away the Bradby shield to the Royal skipper D.N. Fernando, to take it to Colombo after seven years, so their first leg 6 (2 tries) to nil win helped to win the shield.

Royal: G. Yangeyzel, E. Pereira, G.G. Samaratne, A. Rankine, A Senarathne, M. Anghie, R. Pothuhera, Soysa, K. Balendra, L. de Silva, R. Samarasekara, H.S. de Silva, R. Sivaratnam, D.N. Fernando, R. Fernando

Trinity: M. Talwatte, S.B. de Silva, P. Buultejns. K. de Joodt, A.R.M. Azain, N. Maralande, D. Kobbekaduwa, J. Dias de Singhe, M.G. de Alwis, R. H. Wijenayake, R. Abeyakoon, E.D.K. Roles, R. Hermon, K. Murray, D. Janaram.

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