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Ministers resigned for sake of country – Kabir Hashim





Former Minister Kabir Hashim said all Muslim Ministers, including him, decided to resign from their portfolios for three main reasons as the country was moving towards destabilisation from June 3 morning, at a time it was returning to normalcy following the Easter Sunday attacks.

In a statement to the media yesterday, Hashim said the first reason was that the friendship among communities, hampered with the Easter Sunday attacks, was systematically being rebuilt under government intervention. Similarly, Security Forces had succeeded in stabilising the country’s security within a short period.

Given this situation, there were signs of the country being suddenly pushed towards communal riots similar to that experienced in 1983 due to the activities of a limited group of extremists. If this was allowed to continue, our motherland would have lost its international image.

Secondly, there was a threat to the lives and property of the Muslim community due to the activities of this small group of extremists.

Thirdly, there were allegations that Muslim politicians were obstructing investigations into the Easter Sunday attacks.

Hashim said he resigned from his Ministry portfolio purely with the intention of ensuring the country’s security and continuation of economic activities and daily lives of the people without any obstruction.

There was no intention on his part to achieve petty political gain or motive by creating a religious or communal issue. He would firmly condemn anyone attempting to achieve petty political gain by making use of this issue as reported on Facebook and certain sections of the media.

Kabir Hashim in his statement said he would honour the counsel offered by the Venerable Mahanayake Theras and act accordingly in the future. 


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