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Quirky food characters

Culinary creative Sine (aka Foodbites) brings fruit and vegetables to life by transforming them into super-cute characters.

From banana penguins to strawberry mice, each edible work of art showcases her playful sense of humor and boundless creativity. By using melted chocolate and other confectionery embellishments, Sine gives everyday ingredients from her fruit bowl cartoon eyes, expressive mouths, and sometimes even paws.

She also carves features from the food itself - in one piece called “Mr Jawsome” she sculpted a shark’s friendly toothy grin from a watermelon. In another, Sine filled banana skins with kiwis to create adorable “peas in pod.” The mother of three shows that preparing food doesn’t have to be a chore, and her 200,000+ Instagram followers clearly agree. Each shared image is sure to brighten your day. My Modern Met


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