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Mangala braves the weather calling for ‘communal harmony’ in Matara

Matara District Parlinenterian and Minister of Finance Mangala Samaraweera and a large gathering of his supporters braved interment showers to gather near the Matara central bus stand calling for communal harmony in the district and the nation.

Addressing the gathering, Minister Samaraweera the gathering Samaraweera said that the people of Matara have stood-up against, unfairness, hatred, racism and sectarianism. “The people of Matara have also stood up and even sacrificed their lives for a united Sri Lanka,” he added.

At a time when sectarianism and hatred is being spread in almost every village in the nation I am grateful to you for having taken the initiative to organize this ‘hour of non hatred’ in Matara. Your initiative should be copied from Point Pedro to Point Dondra.

The Minister called on all Sri Lankans to show compassion in accordance to The Buddha’s teachings and unite irrespective of race, religion or creed to build a prosperous Sri Lanka.”


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