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Taking wedding planning slowly

Katy Perry is taking her wedding plans “one step at a time”. The ‘Dark Horse’ hitmaker - who was previously married to Russell Brand - got engaged to Orlando Bloom in February but the couple aren’t rushing into tying the knot because a lasting relationship is such a “big deal” to them.

She said, “One step at a time. Definitely trying to lay the good emotional foundation for the lifetime of commitment, which is like a big deal.”

Despite her wealth, the 34-year-old singer insisted she isn’t “very ostentatious” and doesn’t think celebrity tours driving by her California home are particularly impressed - even if they catch a glimpse of her.

Speaking to KISS Breakfast Show hosts Tom & Daisy, she said: “I’m not a very ostentatious type of person. It’s not crazy. It’s not like lifestyles of the rich and famous, although I’m very grateful for everything I worked hard for.

“I used to have them (tour buses) all the time and I would definitely come out and I’d be in my active wear. I didn’t go to the gym I would just be in active wear while running errands, I never really go to the gym. Every time I’d pull up next to them I’d give them a little ‘beep beep’.”

The ‘Never Really Over’ singer admitted she is a bit of a “California hippy”. Herald News


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