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Creating a world of green goodness

Link Natural distributes Nelli and Rasakinda plants for World Environment Day (strap)

Two key medicinal plants that have dominated the ayurvedic milieu for centuries are Nelli and Rasakinda, known for their useful goodness in health, longevity and relief from aches and discomforts. However, due to rapid urbanization and deforestation, these medicinal trees are slowly dying out like many other plants in Sri Lanka, preventing our children and the future generations from enjoying life in a healthy green environment. Being the core ingredients of Swastha Amurtha, the 100% natural herbal drink by Link Natural Products (Pvt) Ltd., the brand has initiated a CSR project to coincide with World Environment Day, titled ‘Thuru Wawamu, Gatha Niwamu’ (Let’s plant trees to heal our bodies not just externally, but internally as well).

The aim of the campaign is to encourage the public including children, to grow Nelli and Rasakinda trees for the betterment of the environment and the well-being of all living beings. The first phase of the programme was held at the Siyane National College, Dompe, with the participation of its Principal, Anuragoda Dhammarama Thero, teachers and students, where several Nelli trees were planted within the school premises. The students were entrusted with the responsibility of looking after these plants. The event served as a means of educating the children present at the occasion about the initiation of such social causes, and the benefits of planting trees.

This was followed by another special educational session at the Sanasa Conference Hall in Palugama with volunteers from different Grama Niladhari divisions.

A large number of Nelli and Rasakinda plants along with packs of compost were distributed on this occasion, and the participants were encouraged to plant them in their home gardens. Dr. J. T. R. Jayakody, a Senior Lecturer at the Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Institute of the University of Kelaniya, conducted a session about the priceless benefits and medicinal values of Nelli and Rasakinda.

The implementation of this programme was supported by the Divisional Secretary of Dompe M. D. J. Prasad and its officials, Lenard Perera, the Deputy Director of Planning, Economy Development Officials, Police Officials and the members of the Youth Federation of Dompe.


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