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Traffic lane law to come under two categories

The traffic lane law which came into effect from yesterday will be implemented under two types of laws, the left lane discipline and the priority bus lane, said DIG (Traffic Division) Ajith Rohana.

Speaking to the Daily News he said the traffic lane concept had been misunderstood by many. Explaining the two traffic laws to be implemented, DIG Ajith Rohana said, “According to the left lane disciplinary provision under Section 148 of the Motor Traffic Act, it is mandatory for every vehicle to stay on the left lane.

 However, there are two exceptions where motorists are permitted to get onto the right lane. One being to overtake and the other to turn right.”

The Head of the Traffic Division noted that one cannot simply overtake on the right as the law states so. “When a motorist overtakes on the right, if the driver does not have a clear view of the road ahead, it is also considered an offence. Those who do not adhere to the road rules will have to face either a spot fine of Rs. 2,000 or have the case filed in court.”

The traffic lane law came into effect in all main towns within the country from yesterday following a grace period given to motorists to adhere to the traffic lane law commencing from the 27th of May.

DIG Rohana said that these regulations are applicable to all vehicles. Referring to the law promulgated in 2015 of the Motor Traffic Act, the bus priority lane is only implemented in Colombo and surrounding areas. “In Colombo usually there are six lanes, with three lanes in either direction. Where there are three lanes, the extreme left lane is reserved for passenger buses. This includes all state and private busses, school busses and office transport buses,” he said.

The bus priority lane is effective from Galle Road Mount Lavinia to Pettah, Parliament Roundabout (Polduwa Bridge) towards Ayurveda junction, Borella junction, Punchi Borella, Maradana Technical Junction, Pettah, Fort. The bus priority lane is also effective from Thunmulla Junction towards Thursten Road and Nelum Pokuna. The DIG said that these lane rules would be implemented strictly with the aim of disciplining drivers.


Bus operators not in agrrement with traffic lane law


All Ceylon Private Bus Owners’ Association (ACPBOA) is not in agreement with the implementation of the traffic lane law as the authorities had not discussed with them in this regard, ACPBOA General Secretary Anjana Priyanjith told the Daily News.

“The country’s road system is not in a condition to implement the lane law and its sudden implementation will create a mess in the transportation system,” he added.

“The roads do not have enough space for vehicle movement,” he said.

“The government should have discussed these matters with us. Otherwise, they should be held responsible for any inconveniences faced by the bus owners and drivers,” he further said.

Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association (LPBOA) Chairman Gemunu Wijeratne while expressing his consent to the enforcement of the traffic lane law, said the authorities should take steps to monitor the movement of the three-wheelers on the roads.

He said the maximum speed limit for three-wheelers is only 40 Kmph and it can cause traffic congestion on the roads and also hinder the movement of buses.

“The government should have plans either to limit the number of three-wheelers on the roads or to monitor them,” Wijeratne added.


Traffic lane law enforced from today (09:19)

Lahiru Fernando

The traffic lane law will be enforced strictly in main towns from today, Police media spokesman, SP Ruwan Gunasekara said.

The two-week grace period that was implemented from May 27 for motorists to get used to traffic lanes ended yesterday.

As per legal provisions in the Motor Traffic Act of Sri Lanka, all vehicles will have to run on the left side unless they are not overtaking a vehicle or turning to the right. In addition to that, the Bus Lane Law introduced in 2015 will also be implemented strictly from today, Gunasekara said.

“The new initiative is intended to ease congestion and also to minimise the number of accidents”, he said and requested the support of all.


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