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Jinasena, South Korea’s KAMICO to assemble agricultural machinery in SL

Jinasena (Pvt) Limited, one of the leading water management systems and solutions providers in Sri Lanka, has entered into a partnership with Korean Agricultural Machinery Industry Cooperative (KAMICO) to assemble agricultural machinery in Sri Lanka for the local and regional markets using Korean technical expertise.

The partnership will enable the two organisations to join hands to address the shortcomings of Sri Lankan agricultural machinery by improving the quality standards with technical expertise from KAMICO, coupled with Jinasena’s in-depth knowledge of local agricultural requirements and conditions.

The two organizations will work closely with the Farm Machinery Research Center (FMRC), the sole national level training institute for farm machinery in Sri Lanka, to develop agricultural machinery products that are best suited and needed for the agricultural fields in Sri Lanka.

Jinasena will bring down agricultural machinery designed and developed by KAMICO members, assemble and modify them in the Jinasena factory to suit the local market requirements.

This approach will also serve as a foundation for Jinasena and KAMICO to use Sri Lanka as a agricultural machinery assembling hub and market to the South Asian region, where Sri Lanka’s existing trade partnerships will allow the products to be sold at a competitive price. Jinasena Agricultural Machinery (JAM) provides a comprehensive range of specialized products and services that are powerful, fast, durable and efficient.

Expressing his opinion on the partnership, Dhanushka Wijayapala - Director/Chief Operating Officer of Jinasena (Pvt) Limited stated, “This is a fantastic opportunity for both Jinasena and Sri Lanka as we will have access to world-class Korean technological expertise in agricultural machinery”.

“Together with KAMICO experts, we will be able to modify the equipment to suit our market, assemble them in the Jinasena factory and launch them into the market after obtaining FMRC approval. We will also use Sri Lanka as a launchpad into the South Asian market which augers well for the country as well.This could be the starting point of Korean Industries moving to Sri Lanka.”

Shin GilKim - Chairman of KAMICO stated, “We’ve found the ideal partner in Jinasena as it is a well-established company with decades of experience in agricultural machinery in Sri Lanka. It’s difficult to enter the South Asian market with products manufactured in South Korea due to our high cost of manufacture. Therefore, we are confident that when we use Korean expertise, assemble in Sri Lanka and export to the South Asian region, we will have a good opportunity to compete in the market.”


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