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NAQDA gears up to revive freshwater fish industry

The National Aquatic Cultivation Development Authority (NAQDA) will use 1,000 tanks in Anuradhapura to speed up the inland fisheries industry. The freshwater fish such as Thilapia, Rohu, Mirigal, and Grass Carp will be released to the tanks, Anuradhapura Aquatic Cultivation Extension Officer S.D.S. Sisitha Kumara said.

Agriculture Irrigation Fisheries, Aquatic Resources and Livestock Development Minister P. Harrison inaugurated the programme in this regard recently by releasing 100,000 fingerlings, ‘Asiththa’ to Mahadivulwewa, Koonwewa, Bendhiwewa, Kaluebbe, Mahawewa, Keerigaswewa, Nawakkulama, Malawa, Mankadawala and Kudakekirawa. Over 175 seasonal tanks will be used for the programme under its first phase. Rs. 5 million will be invested on fish breeding, he said.

The NAQDA will harvest 25,000 MT of fish annually from the Yanoya Reservoir and the Lower Malwathu Oya Reservoir once the reservoirs were commissioned. Over 352,000 MT of fresh water fish will be produced in the country by 2025, he said.


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