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Bird latte art

There are only few things more ritualistic than a morning cup of coffee. Probably most of us will admit that it would be hard to imagine our mornings without this magical drink. Not only does it smell good but it’s also one of the easiest ways to wake ourselves up and have a few minutes for ourselves before the beginning of our fast-paced day. And since sometimes we only have a few minutes to grab this magical drink from the nearest coffee shop, some baristas always try to lighten our day by painting some amazing latte art.

One of these amazing baristas is Japanese artist Ku-san who goes by the username kunit92. While some of baristas draw flowers, hearts, or sometimes recreate famous paintings, Ku-san decided to take latte art to another level and draw his favorite creatures - birds. Ku-san is a home barista who has taken on latte art as a hobby. As the owner of a domestic parrot, Sakura, she combined two of her passions and depicts all kinds of colourful bird species in her mesmerizing latte designs. Let’s admit that these designs are so lovely that it would be a shame to drink this kind of latte!

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