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‘Cervical cancer can be cured if detected early’

According to the latest findings, cervical cancer has become the third most common cancer among Sri Lankan women, consultant oncologists at Apeksha Hospital and the National Cancer Control Programme said.

Breast cancer is the leading cancer among women and thyroid cancer is the third most common cancer.

Speaking to the media during a health seminar held at the Health Promotion Bureau in Colombo yesterday, they said cervical cancer can be completely cured if detected early. Vaccinating schoolgirls will lower the risk of developing cervical cancer by 70 percent. Unfortunately, only 53 percent of Sri Lankan women undergo the Pap Smear Test.

According to the Consultant Oncologist Dr. Jaliya Jayasekara, last year (2018), a total of 28,000 new cancer patients were registered in 24 cancer units. This means 76 new cancer patients get registered a day. There is a huge myth in society that a diagnosis of cancer means it would end in death. Because of this myth, a lot of cancer patients ignore medical treatment.

According to the Consultant Gynecological Ontological Surgeon Dr. Chinthana Hapuachchi, a Pap Smear is a must for every woman who is sexually active and it is right of a every woman. The first test should be done after five years of first sexual contact with a male. Thereafter, the test should be done once in every five years. All women should obtain the HPV vaccine before their first sexual contact with a male. Others should undergo regular screening.

National Cancer Programme Consultant Community Physician Dr. Suraj Perera said the Pap Smear Test is a painless simple medical test and it is available without charge in any Suwa Nari Sayanaya.

There are around 1,000 such centres islandwide. The test is also available without charge at any maternity hospital and at the National Cancer Control Programme at No. 555/5 Elvitigala Mawatha, Narahenpita, Colombo 5.


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