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Sunpower Renewables, GRI connect first 1.2 MW installation

Sunpower Renewables (Pvt) Ltd, incorporated in 1987 and a trailblazer in the energy management and power generation sector in Sri Lanka, has added yet another first to its long list of achievements by becoming the first and only megawatt installation company to connect on the recently introduced Solar Code by the CEB in Sri Lanka.

Global Rubber Industries[ GRI , a leading producer of Specialty Tyres in Sri Lanka, reinforced its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection by installing one of the largest roof top solar systems in the country. With a capacity of 1,200kW (1.2MW), the solar panels are expected to generate 136,557kWh of electricity per month.

“Being technically equipped to undertake a complicated installation such as this, together with their 32 years experience and extensive knowledge in the renewable energy industry, Sunpower Renewables (Pvt) Ltd was chosen by GRI to install this state of the art solar power system” said Director / CEO Sunpower Renewables, Shammy Rajendra.

Sunpower Renewables commenced the Design and Construction of the project in late 2018 and completed it in January 2019, paving the way for the testing and commissioning of the system to the national grid.

The required data needed by CEB, which included various extensive parameters was facilitated by Sunpower through the comprehensive data analysis platform provided by FRONIUS Austria the leading inverter manufacturer in the world.

When SunPower’s solarisation program in Kurunegala got underway, it successfully powered thousands of households in Pansiyagama village as a joint venture between the National Housing and Development Authority ( NHDA ) and BP Solar Australia - a monumental moment for a country where solar power was virtually non-existent. This led to the largest rural based solar infrastructure project in the world, making massive breakthroughs in the rural healthcare system with NAPS Finland.

Sunpower is also the company that connected the first 500Kw grid tied solar system in Hambantota as a test project, along with the Ceylon Electricity Board and the Sustainable energy authority ( SEA )

Sunpower also introduced solar technology to power the signaling infrastructure to support the then unpowered railway station deprived of grid power for the Sri Lanka Railways. SunPower has also designed, supplied and installed large scale solar rooftop systems at several universities with research and development facilities funded by the Asian Development Bank. (ADB )

Continuously pioneering the energy sector in Srilanka , Sunpower has engaged in the first ever wave energy project with Finland based AW –Energy, which is ranked number one in the world.

“With over 2000 clients and 4000 installations across several sectors, our aim is to unlock Sri

Lanka’s potential and harness our strategic position to move forward as a country”, said Director CEO Shammy Rajendra.


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