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CBA Toastmasters shines at Ovation ceremony in India

The jubiliant CBA Toastmaster team with their awards.
The jubiliant CBA Toastmaster team with their awards.

Certified Business Accountants Toastmasters’ Club (CBA TMC) Area 1, Division F, District 82 of CA Sri Lanka bagged the Toastmasters most prestigious Golden Gavel Award for the second consecutive year, together with several other awards recognizing the outstanding performance and achievements during the year 2018/19.

The awards ceremony was held amidst a crowd of toastmasters and distinguished guests from District 82 in South Asia and Toastmaster International, at the recent Ovation ceremony held in Chennai, India.

These awards are given yearly in recognition of a club’s outstanding achievements in communication and leadership, having fulfilled stipulated goals set by Toastmasters International. The CBA TMC – a quite young club representing the Certified Business Accountants of CA Sri Lanka, has reached the highest achievement of Golden Gavel Award scoring 197 out of 200 points target, required under club quality and club engagement streams even though the minimum is 170 points.

Speaking at the installation ceremony, T.M. Nirosha Dandeniya, Incumbent President 2018/19 of CBA Toastmasters’ Club said, “the need of being successful and maintaining the current standards to become a shining star in the Toastmasters Galaxy”, it has been a reality indeed. Together with her Exco members the dream of “Towards the Pinnacle of Success” has become a reality working as one team towards one goal.

As everyone devoted themselves to the personal and club success with performance, CBA TMC was able to reach this goals.

This honor was bestowed on the CBA TMC in recognition of achieving a number of education goals together with Club engagement goals such as President distinguished status in nine months, Golden gavel, 8-80 awards in both terms, Enthusiasm Award, Early bird award and Ribbons for Smedley recognition, Talk Up Ribbon, Excellence in Club Officer Training (2018–2019) ribbon in both terms.




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