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Asiri Surakimu Samanola campaign

Link Natural Products contribute to the ecological conservation of the Adam’s Peak region

Striving to promote the use of ‘Preventive platforms’ rather than a ‘Curative platforms’ – the brand philosophy of Samahan, a product of Link Natural Products (Pvt) Ltd launched a holistic programme themed ‘Asiri Surakimu Samanola’, to solve the plastic waste crisis in Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada). Implemented in collaboration with 15 active stakeholders from government institutes, local government institutes and private institutes, the programme initiatives included clean-up activities, engaging pilgrims in clean-up activities and a comprehensive communication and awareness campaign to encourage pilgrims to refrain from polluting the surroundings. Prior to initiating Asiri Surakimu Samanola campaign, Link Natural Products (Pvt) Ltd has been running a 6 year long CSR campaign themed ‘Samahan Relief Zone’ to provide freshly brewed Samahan and therapeutic foot massages to pilgrims using the herbal goodness of Link Natural SP balm. The Asiri Surakimu Samanola campaign action plan aligns well with the No. 15 goal of ‘Life on Land’, one of the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ spelled out by the United Nations.

Commenting on the campaign, Link Natural Products (Pvt) Ltd Manager ER & CSR Priyantha Collnnege said, “Adam’s Peak is not only a place of religious and historical significance but also a treasure trove that harbours valuable endemic flora and fauna. Water falling on the cone shaped Adam’s Peak enriches tributaries of Kelani River and Kalu River, two of the major rivers in Sri Lanka. Out of approx. 500,000 imported polythene & plastic waster per year from Sri Lanka, only 150,000 Metric tonnes get exported as recycled, finished products. A mere 30% - 40% get recycled inside the country which amounts to 175,000 metric tonnes while a staggering 175,000 metric tonnes is estimated to be polluting the land & water resources of the island. Unfortunately, the ecology of this precious mountain is under threat as around 800 metric tonnes of plastic, polythene and solid waste accumulates in the area annually according to official estimates of which, only around 3 metric tonnes get recycled, while the rest continues to pollute the land and water in Adam’s Peak. Our Samahan Relief Zone team has been witnessing this crisis first hand for the past 6 years. Hence, we decided that the time was ripe for us as a responsible corporate to be part of the solution.”

“The basic reconnaissance expedition that we undertook with the assistance of Sri Lanka Police – Nallathanniya revealed a plastic waste layer entrenched in Maskeliya tank upstream. The scouting expedition also discovered numerous dumps of plastics and polythene deep in the forests of Adam’s Peak. In 2016, one of these mounds of plastic caused a landslide,” further revealed Collnnege.

Asiri Surakimu Samanola programmes consisted of a lineup of activities. Link Natural Products established 6 large collection centres with enormous cages for collecting plastics and polythene. In addition to 6 Asiri Surakimu Shramadana campaigns to collect plastic and polythene waste in partnership with 57 public and private sector organizations, volunteer groups, schools and other interested parties, the Company provided people who volunteered to collect waste during their descent with over 1,500 large bags for the purpose. The Asiri Surakimu Shramadana campaigns consisted of 4 major clean-up activities and two minor ones. Conducted with the participation of 4,122 people, the campaign resulted in the removal of 6,584 kgs of waste from the Adam’s Peak grounds. Link Natural Products further supported the volunteers with food, gloves and other equipment required for the clean-up campaigns.

“While we were honoured to be the initiators of the campaign, we could not have carried out a project of this scale and magnitude without the support of our other stakeholders. I would like to offer my sincere appreciation for the genuine interest and efforts to protect the delicate ecology of the Adam’s Peak region,” commented Marketing Manager Link Natural Products (Pvt) Ltd Shanaka Fernando,

Over 15 stakeholders such as the Presidential Secretariat, District Secretariat office –Nuwaraeilya,

Divisional Secretary’s office – Ambagamuwa, Pradeshiya Sabhas of Ambagamuwa and Maskeliya, Department of Wildlife Conservation, Sri Lanka Police – Nallathanniya and Maskeliya, RDHS – Nuwara Eliya, National youth services council, ITN media network and ECO Spindles (Pvt) Ltd worked together to make the campaign a success.

In addition to the massive clean-up campaign, Link Natural Products took the initiative to create awareness and transform the basic ideology on plastic and polythene pollution in Adam’s Peak with a novel communication programme consisting of multitudes of communication tools and platforms.


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