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Gratitude to China for timely help

The Sri Lanka - China Friendship Association expressed it gratitude to Chinese President Xi Jinping for providing Rs. 2,600 million to boost national defence, when the President of Sri Lanka visited China recently.

This assistance extended during the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations indeed was the need of the hour, as national independence, national sovereignty and national security were threatened again in forms of international terrorism and imperialist conspiracies, the Association said in a media release issued yeaterday.

It was a known fact that China unconditionally stood by Sri Lanka during her 30-year war of safeguarding territorial integrity, providing material and diplomatic support while all Western imperialists and some regional powers were helping the separatist terrorists. Inhuman Easter Sunday attacks by extremist Muslim terrorists were by no means isolated events, but obviously scheduled by the most notorious intelligence agencies of the global terror machine in order to destabilize South Asia and Sri Lanka, the statement said.

Timely assistance extended by China proves that the friendship between our two countries should be further strengthened so that Sri Lanka would never be isolated as an unprotected entity, the Association said.


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