‘Around 10,000 couples in SL not yet legally married’ | Daily News

‘Around 10,000 couples in SL not yet legally married’

According to a recent survey conducted by the government, it has been revealed that there are about 10,000 old couples that are still not legally married in rural areas of the country, Kurunegala Divisional Secretary W.E. Jayathilake said.

He was speaking at a meeting of parents who are to admit their children to Grade One classes in government schools in 2020, which was held on Tuesday at the Bingiriya Youth Training Centre in Kurunegala.

This has been confirmed by Registrar-General M.C. Vithanage, he said, adding that although they were not legally married, they still lived together with their children.

As there were certain issues that had arisen due to their martial statuses, the Registrar-General's Department has decided to have them legally married in the near future, Jayathilake said.

He added that the children of these parents faced many obstacles when it came to school admissions, as well as jobs.

Therefore, all parents who are not legally married should have their marriages registered as soon as possible for the sake of their children, he said.


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