Kotahena murder suspects remanded till June 18 | Daily News

Kotahena murder suspects remanded till June 18

Colombo Additional Magistrate Bandara Nelumdeniya on Tuesday ordered the three suspects who were arrested over the murder of the 68-year-old retired doctor at Bloemendal Road in Kotahena, to be remanded till June 18.

One suspects was identified as Ramesh Raja Mahendran (19), resident of Dematagoda. The other two suspects were aged 15 and 17 and were residents of Kotahena, police said.

The Colombo Crime Division (CCD) informed the Additional Magistrate that they had seized a laptop, mobile phone, a wristwatch, three bottles of imported liquor, the deceased doctor’s wallet and a pair of slippers, from the suspects’ possession.

The CCD also said the victim’s body was found in his two-storey house in Kotahena. Police said his hands and legs had been tied together.

The Additional Magistrate also ordered that the 15-year-old suspect be placed in the Detention Centre in Makola.


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