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JVP’s second insurgency in print

Title: Satanin Satana (Latest book on JVP’s 2nd insurgency 1986 to 1990)

Author: Dharman Wickremaratne

The second part of Sinhala book on the JVP’s second insurgency during the reign of terror (1986-1990) which claimed 60,000 lives was launched at the recently. Written by Senior Journalist Dharman Wickremaratne this true story is titled Satanin Satana (from Battle to Battle). Comprising 1,024 pages with 75 chapters and 1347 photographs it is priced at Rs. 2,500.

The number of persons killed and disappeared during this period was 41,813. However, according to reports of human rights organizations, the number is 67,652. Of this 6,661 were killed by the rebels and the rest by the security forces and 14 paramilitary groups indirectly linked to them.

The contents of the book are based on research the author did on the insurgency for a number of years involved in the events during the period. As a Divaina editorial staffer, he collected rare data and other information hitherto unknown and also noted his own experiences during the insurgency period. These will help the reader to get a clear picture of the period instead of misconceptions and speculations. This is Dharman’s 53rd book.

It also includes various related events during the post-insurgency period (1990-1994) following the assassination of JVP leader Rohana Wijeweera. The book is available at Sarasavi and Surasa Maradana Bookshops. The author can be reached at [email protected] or 011-5234384.

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