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How can a woman know her true lover?

part I

In some countries, the law has been politicized. In others, politics has been criminalized. In yet others, the law and the politics both have been criminalized and brutalized. Some politicians, being worst than wild beasts, are ever ready, even to sing while swimming in the oceans of human tears. To dance in the pools of oozing out human blood. To burst into a rib cracking laughter, when hundreds of innocent women, children and men are blown into bits and pieces in the name of so-called fake Gods and the irreligions of such Gods. What has become important and worthy for politicians is capturing the power and retaining the captured power. For this despicable, detestable and heinous end, some politicians are ever pleased, not only to shelter and shield blood-thirsty terrorists but also to sell their own mothers. Very unfortunate indeed. People go on tolerating these unbearable and intolerable tortures, in the name of democracy and on the strength of the beautiful teachings of Buddha in Asia and of Christ in the West # Love thy Enemy #. For how long?

People are fed up with politics. Hence, the present writer decided to shed some light on the subject of woman and true love.

Initial Understanding

Today is May 13th 2019, the dangerous day, declared to be. I am not allowed to go out. Hence, under house-arrest and decided to dedicate the imprisonment, to an important subject of absolute depth, of which, many women are rich in ignorance.

Not having the right understanding, acquiring the wrong understanding and with the absence of the realization of what was rightly understood, many of the women folk are poor in the right knowledge.

The chosen topic is Lover-Beggar nexus, the right knowledge of which has been made totally topsy-turvy, the upside-down. The ready-made concepts, designed by the society and man-made religions have convinced 90% of women that # black is white # and the # white is black #. This is not only extremely unfortunate but also totally tragically.

High time to make a powerful difference. A conscious release from this unnatural and artificial male trap is a must.

Again, drop all the doctrines of man-made religions and deceiving norms of society-made traditions. They are concept-walls, you have been locked and blocked in. Their aim is not your happiness, but the delight of society. In such doctrines and concepts, the beauty and the depth of the individual have been ruined to be compromised in the name of the interest and the profit of the society. Therein, the value and the worth of the individual has, not only been underestimated but also castrated into an amputation. Yet what the creators of them do not understand is that the # Society is illusion # and # the only reality is the individual # why?

Without the individual no society is possible. Just like trying to find the forest in the absence of the trees.

Hence, demolish the concept-walls and come out. Make yourself free and be free. Your true and authentic growth is in the depth of that beautiful freedom. With that freedom, read the text. Crush the darkness of ignorance and reach the light of the illuminating luminosity.

Respectfully invite all women hereto, with unending and ceaseless admiration. Just read the text, being, gradually submitted, to the very end. Crush your societal generated artificial ignorance re # lover-beggar relationship - the incorrect knowledge and wrong understanding #, in order to be rightly, analytically, logically and consciously knowledgeable. Read at least three times to get the grip of the content of the text. Be bathed with the beautiful truth.


The lover is an emperor. The beggar is a begging asker. As an emperor, the lover is rich in his # unending wealth-The Love #. The beggar is a pauperized guy of poverty well-set in wealthlessness. He is a man with finished and/or ruined wealth. The duty of the lover is giving. He gives and does not ask anyone, anything, anymore for. The job of the beggar is asking anyone with no exception. The lover has high ideals like love, kindness, the joy of sharing, honesty, integrity, truth speaking, compassion, compassionate feeling and rich perception, trust in God # The wealth to be given # and also right knowledge. The 95% of beggars have greed, hatred and delusion with 5% exception.


As a rule, it was, is and will be the man, who goes to the woman and say # I LOVE YOU #. This, superficially, would seem to mean that the man is intending to inform the woman that he has so much love that he is pleased to give and gift her. Right???

WRONG……!!!!!! Why?

In the very fact of man’s saying #, I love you # he is lying. Here, he becomes a liar. Though the well expressed and articulated sentence, grammatically, verbally and audibly means # I love you # IN TRUTH, it is its right opposite. That is, NOT I love you, but,… # Give Me Your Love #.

Now, the woman has been made to believe that this seemingly beautiful phrase, in its right content, would mean that the man truly loves her. In man’s subconscious mind, what is wished for is, to get as much as love from the woman. Yet, his bodily organ, the mouth utters the absolute opposite of the texture of his soul.

Now, the man, thirsting to get love as much as possible from the woman, thus, in such manner, being a beggar, poses as an emperor and says to the woman # I Love You # as if he has so much love and is giving love to the woman.

This is where the woman has been taken for a very good ride. Exactly, this is what the woman must be very careful to understand. Understanding is not enough. She should analyze. The analysis is incomplete. She should realize. Realization is not sufficient. The woman must feel.

Generally, 90% of Men are # thinking and talking beings #. Besides, they are beings of flesh. A being is a beautiful term, applicable to all living creatures-men, women and animals. Man is a mind-being. Only 10% of them are feeling beings. Contrasted with man, the woman is a feeling-being. Man is a body-being, a being of flesh. The woman is a being of heart and soul. Man’s centre is body, muscle and the mind. Woman’s centre is heart and soul. Hence, the moving direction of man is from the centre to the circumference. The moving direction of the woman is from the periphery to the centre. If this simple truth and beautiful logic are misunderstood, misinformed, misanalyzed and/or misrealized, the woman is in deep trouble.


The loving man does not waste his valuable time, uttering pithless sentences of contentlessness. Love is a pithy piece. It is overflowing with a resplendent content of depth and ceaselessness. A true lover will not talk. He will just love. It is so simple to love. He needs no proofs to substantiate his love. It is the false lover, who needs evidence to prove his love. Why?

The false lover wishes to get. The true lover’s wish is to give.

The false lover is a poor guy, having nothing to give. He is a beggar. Now, he must show that he has and he also gives. Then he exploits the power of words. Yet, the words are empty. Words comprise only the pronounced sound and imagined meaning. Words have nothing to do with feelings. This is what the woman must realize-the absence of feeling in words.

Words are empty of feeling. Words erupt from the mind. Any man can say any nice word, the real meaning of which, he would never follow and observe.

The false lover is like a fake Buddhist, who would declare that he is a Buddhist, yet he never follows the beautiful path gracefully elucidated by Buddha.

That is why the lies can exist. Hence, words are also an illusion as the mind itself. The feeling is a matter of the heart. The feeling cannot think as the mind does. Feeling stems from the heart. The feeling is empirical and experiential. Hence, practical. Not illusory like the words of mind. A true lover is not a talking guy. He is a feeling man of the heart and soul. He is an emperor of feeling. He is a loving man. The more he loves, the more love wells up from beneath the depth of his heart and soul. The mind is connected with Satan. The heart and the soul are deposited in the realm of God. Part II will be published next week.

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