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Beyond textbook knowledge

St. Aloysius College, Galle

‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’. In a way that is true. Because once people are set in their ways it is difficult to correct them. Education is more than textbooks. It is about teaching child integrity and character

When Head Boy of St. Aloysius College Galle Diyatha De Silva sets himself a target nothing can deter him from accomplishing it. Perfect Prefects features De Silva whose initiative has enabled him to shape his future.

De Silva does not wish to play second fiddle to anyone. From a very young age, he had many aspirations and amongst then he had the dream of becoming a leader one day. De Silva has worked hard to get to where he is now and he does not stand on the sidelines.

“I have always had a dream of being a leader. However, I am not a dreamer. I am dedicated to my work and I like to be in the thick of things. I feel that I am where I am now because of the fact that I have ambition,” explained De Silva.

Discipline in society

When he is confronted with a particularly tricky problem or situation, he examines his heart and comes up with a solution. He uses his instincts and does what he feels is right. A young leader with resolve he is ready to meet any challenge in life that comes his way.

“As a leader pressure can come to you in any form and at any time. This applies not only to a leader but to people in general. You can’t predict these things and you can’t avoid situations that come to you in life. My intuition helps me a lot. I do what I feel is right because sometimes you have to go with the heart,” said De Silva.

De Silva feels that self -control is essential in life. There needs to be discipline in society. People need to act with discipline. The change starts with you. You need to teach your children to be considerate and think about others.

One problem I see in society is the unethical behaviour that some people exhibit, with not a second thought to the inconvenience they cause other people. They need to act responsibly and they need to understand that their actions affect others. I feel if we can all practice self-control we can create a better society,” pointed out De Silva.

He believes that we should stop this senseless fighting and start trying to genuinely help each other. He feels that this hate mongering in society can only lead to further conflict.

Being compassionate

“We need to ask ourselves if this conflict is necessary? Does it help? Is there any reason to fight? Fighting leads to further fighting. Violence is senseless. Without fighting each other we need to display loving kindness. The only way to heal the world is by being compassionate,” added De Silva.

De Silva is convinced that this generation and the generations to come have the potential to do great things. The youth need to go out there with big dreams and make them come true.

“Yes, we will all go out to face a bigger world once we leave school. I believe in our youth and that they can accomplish great things. They need to start believing in themselves. Along with self- control and a sense of right and wrong they can do it!,” said De Silva.

With a good heart, he has the mind of a businessman and points out that his dream in life is to be a businessman and at the same time a good citizen of Sri Lanka. He is a good example that you need to have a good heart and a sharp and discerning mind.

The outdoors and the aesthetics appeal to this young man. Indeed travelling has its appeal because it enables him to see the beauty of life. He has a sensitive side to him as he loves painting. Detective stories and adventure films are amongst his favourites when he has time on his hands. It definitely seems that he has an adventurous side to him as well.

Spellbinding effect

Nelson Mandela is his all-time favourite leader. Indeed the spellbinding effect Mandela has on many young people also applies to De Silva.

“One leader I admire is Nelson Mandela. He loved other human beings. He was truly a man of the people. He was a leader who was admired because of the contents of his character. He fought for justice and equality,” said De Silva.

Last but not least comes De Silva’s parents, who have been with him every step of the way. He looks up to them and they are also the reason he is where he is now. Their love and their sacrifices for him mean a lot to him.

His school has played a huge part in forming his character. He has taken part in activities and has used everything that was offered to him for free.

‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’. In a way that is true. Because once people are set in their ways it is difficult to correct them. Education is more than textbooks. It is about teaching child integrity and character.

“People make society what it is and they also destroy it because of their selfish desires. Some people only think of themselves. Poverty, War and Child abuse are the results of a lack of love. People need to change. They need to be given a good education so they can be corrected at a very young age. If you can catch the youth at the correct age you can change their mindset,” explained De Silva.


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