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Muslim community affected by a few extremists - Bathiudeen

Due to the actions of a group of Muslim extremists, the whole Muslim community is under pressure, MP Rishad Bathiudeen said in Parliament yesterday.

He said the entire country condemns the terror attacks, adding that no matter which community they belong to, children should not have to face the burden of having to deal with terrorism.

Bathiudeen noted that the Muslims had lived amicably with the Sinhalese and all other communities in the country. He said however, that certain groups are trying to damage that unity.

MP Rishad Bathiudeen made this statement joining the debate in Parliament yesterday. “There are those who allege that while the Muslim MPs hold onto their ministerial positions it will hinder the investigations being carried out regarding the Easter Sunday terror attacks. However, we have never intervened in these investigations. Not only among the Muslims, but there are extremists even within the Sinhala community. We reject extremism and terrorism in any form. Terrorism and extremism is not something that our children should inherit.Comprehensive investigations must be conducted, but our people should not be harassed during investigations and arrests. Sometimes our people have to face various harassment during these operations. However, terrorism should be eradicated from this country,” Bathiudeen said.



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