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‘Country belongs to all communities’

Minister Sajith Premadasa opens Senpathi Suranimalagama in Sooriyawewa.
Minister Sajith Premadasa opens Senpathi Suranimalagama in Sooriyawewa.

The country would not be protected by burning houses and business institutions of different communities, Housing, Construction and Cultural Affairs Minister Sajith Premadasa said.

He was speaking in Sooriyawewa on Monday, at opening the Senpathi Suranimalagama, the197th Udagama, consisting of 24 houses with water, electricity and road facilities.

Minister Premadasa said anyone who loves this nation should unite irrespective of their party, race, religion, cast or creed and stand against terrorism.

Minister Premadasa said there is no room for terrorism or extremism in this country. “The terrorist group involved in the Muslim extremist attacks on Easter Sunday have been defeated by the government. The government is investigating to find out if there are any more such individuals or groups. We should defeat all who attempt to disrupt peace in the country.”

He said the country does not need to create unnecessary religious and racial conflicts when eradicating terrorism or extremism. “If such a conflict is ignited, damage would be caused to the entire country. Some people want this country to be destroyed in a war. I request that no room be left for such destruction, for this country belongs to all of us.”

The Minister said if a conflict is created based on religion or race, it would affect the unitary status and the sovereignty of the country.

“The imperialist forces are seeking opportunities to sneak into this country using any reason they can,” Minister Premadasa said. “Hence all have to get together to defeat Wahabism. We have given all facilities to the Security Forces to defeat these extremist groups.”

He said those who urge the people to set fire to houses and boutiques are those who attempt to come to power by exploiting any situation. He requested the Buddhists not to be misled and join those who destroy the assets of other communities.

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