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‘Grateful to all who stood with Muslim community’

It is with mixed feelings of sadness and happiness that I am sending this Eid Ul-Fitr (Ramazan Festival) message to all Sri Lankan Muslims living here and abroad.

Sad because of the Easter Sunday carnage caused by the Muslim extremists which has led to innocent deaths and devastation in churches and five-star hotels, which was followed by unwarranted violence against Muslims and their properties in remote villages.

Happy because the majority Sinhalese and the affected Christian communities realised the plight of the major section of the Muslim population who were helpless and embarrassed, and yet showed them the compassion and the required consolation for the Muslims to carry out their normal life and help them perform their Islamic rituals in the island. We owe our thanks to all those who supported and stood with the Muslim community during this crucial period.

We are also thankful to the security authorities who worked with understanding to give way for the Muslims to carry out their religious rituals during this holy month.

Peaceful co-existence with all communities will strengthen communal harmony, unity and goodwill among all Sri Lankans.

Azath S. Salley


National Unity Alliance


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