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Sarvodaya presents proposal for public sector efficiency

A 14-point proposal aimed at driving efficiency into the public sector has been handed over to President Maithripala Sirisena by the Sri Lanka Sarvodaya movement.

The proposal includes the employment of officials who are upright in order to prevent bribery and corruption; establishing an efficient assets’ declaration process to which the public could have access; improving the response of state institutions towards the RTI Act; establishing a sustainable system for the development of the health sector; changing children’s behaviour so that they spurn cigarettes, alcohol and other harmful compounds; development of the Government Information Centre website to provide trustworthy information; development of bus services based on commuter needs and suggestions; and introducing a mechanism to include the disabled community in the allocation of houses to 3,200 low-income group families.

Meanwhile the Sarvodaya movement has launched a programme to educate the public about obtaining services, in 10 districts at Divisional Secretariat level.


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