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Ravana 1 to be released into orbit by mid-June

Sri Lanka’s first satellite Ravana 1, which was successfully launched in April 2019, will be released into orbit by mid-June, Non-Cabinet Minister of Science, Technology and Research Sujeewa Senasinghe on Monday said.

According to Minister Senasinghe, Ravana 1 will be released to orbit by June 17.

Minister Sujeewa Senasinghe said so at a press brief held at the Scinece and Technology Ministry premises on Monday.

The Nano satellite Ravana 1 is part of project ‘BIRDS’ by the Kyushu Institute of Technology in Japan. Ravana 1 was designed and built by Tharindu Dayaratne and Dulani Chamika, two research engineers attached to the Arthur C. Clarke Institute, who are presently at the Kyushu Institute of Technology in Japan.

Minister Senasinghe pointed out that around Rs. 21 million has been spent by Sri Lanka for this project.

“Given the chaos we have gone through in this country in the past few months,we are launching a Nano satellite for the first time with the collaboration of the Japanese and the Nepal governments.

Minister Senasinghe observed that both students are to return to the country by November this year and also said that they will be continuing with their higher studies to complete their PHDs.

Speaking on the achievement, Minister Senasinghe said that this is a start and it will not be the last to conquer the space by a small country like Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, Minister Senasinghe said “Shilpa Sena” exposition will be launched on July 18, keeping in line with the success of Ravana 1 Nano satellite.

“It will commence from July 18 until 21 in Colombo at BMICH. This four days exposition will follow the nature of Gamudawa and Mahapola. It would be an exposition of science, technology, innovation along with a trade fair and a book exhibition. Usually when we mention science and technology people get a little aloof. But we want this programme to be a people’s programme. We want to attract the private sector to this science and technology expo as they are potential investors for the innovations. Following the event in Colombo, we will then take it to Jaffna, Anuradhapura, Matara, Kandy and to many other districts,” Minister Senasinghe observed.



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