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Be yourself!

Her chiseled features and svelte frame can be found on the ramp in all the top fashions shows that had taken over the city. Apart from seeing her name at the top of the the models most in demand list, Nilukshi Amanda Silva is also into acting as she has dished a number of memorable roles on the mini screen.

Q: What are you engaged in these days?

I am engaged in my usual modeling schedules. I have also taken on the main role in a film. I am just waiting to see the rushes of the project and move onto the dubbing part.

Q: How did you get into modeling?

I was interested in modeling from very young age. I think it was running in my blood. Knowing my liking towards modeling, one of my very close friends - Darshi akka - took the initiative to introduce me to Rozanne akka so that I can take part in Miss Sri Lanka 2009.After seeing me contesting at the pageant veteran choreographer Brian Kerkovan invited me to take part in some of the best fashion shows in the city .From there onwards I was heavily involved in the modeling scenario up to date.

Q: What are the award and titles that you have won so far?

* Best model 2010 title with the mini titles Best Catwalk and Best Figure.

* Was among the top five contestants at the Best Model World pageant 2010 held in Spain. I also won the Best Body Award at this event.

* I was among the top 15 contestants at the Miss Asia Pacific World 2014.

* Model Star Award 2012.

Q: You also got into acting after modeling. Was it more difficult to act than to do the catwalk on the ramp?

Yes, acting was very different from modeling. Since my maternal relations were from the artistic field, acting was not a strange thing in my life. What makes it different from modeling is that acting involves loads of pre preparation and strenuous commitment. I believe that I was able to do justice to the roles I have performed so far.

Q: What was the most challenging role you have portrayed?

I have not done many roles so far. However I feel that whatever role I took on has been equally challenging for me.

Q: Do you still engage in modeling and acting after tying the knot?

I am still continuing with modeling as it is my passion. Though modeling is my first love, I am also interested in acting diverse roles too. My husband, Dimuthu understands me and my ambitions. I am so fortunate to have such an adorable and understanding guy in my life.

He is a life companion that any girl could dream about.

He is always supportive to me and he trusts me to select roles that are appropriate for me whenever I land an acting project.

I feel that I am truly blessed in life. Words fail me to express my emotions about this matter at this moment.

Q: Who are your role models?

I don’t believe in any role model as I believe only in myself.

Q: What is your ambition?

I would love to have a blessed family with loads of kids. Dimuthu loves kids and we are planning to start a family soon.

Q: If you were given an opportunity to fulfill a wish, what would you wish for?

My only wish is to have peace and harmony in this beautiful country.

We used to be at ease about a couple of months ago but that peace of mind has vanished today.

Q: What is your message to upcoming young models and actresses?

My one and only advice is “be yourself”. Don’t imitate anyone. Build up your own personality and respect each other with dignity


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