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Fairy Gardens add a little magic to your home

Want to bring a little whimsy to your home? You don’t need to wish upon a star - just make yourself a fairy garden!

This enchanting DIY project is a decorative miniature garden that features a playful arrangement of plants and accessories like tiny homes and figurines. It’s similar to a terrarium because you are creating a habitat for your plants, but you don’t have to worry about glass enclosures. Fairy gardens are created in open pots that can be live either indoors or outdoors.

A vessel for your fairy garden - you can use any pot you like. Depending on the style you’re going for, you might want to opt for something like a wine barrel or galvanized metal tub. But don’t overlook a broken pot. Some of the most magical looking fairy gardens utilize pieces of a broken pot as “steps” into a house.

Potting soil - Your plants need somewhere to take root. Will it be indoors or outdoors? Look for a potting soil that is appropriate for the placement of your pot and type of plants that you have.

Peat moss - This all-natural moss is optional, but it will help with aeration and drainage in potting mixtures. It also helps the soil retain moisture.

Gardening trowel - Don’t worry about dirt under your nails when you use a gardening trowel.

Plants - What would a fairy garden be without plants? Again, you’ll want to assess exactly where your garden will grow. How much light will it get? How often do you need to water it? Plants can be a challenge to maintain, and you’re setting yourself up for success if you select vegetation that is meant to thrive in your given environment. When you’re ready to order, check out the ample selection of plants on Amazon or these online plant stores.

Figurines or other miniatures – This is part of the fun of making a fairy garden! Add some whimsy to your potted creation when you adorn plants with tiny houses, winged figurines, mythical creatures, or even miniature cups of coffee from Starbucks.

Pebbles, sea glass, shells, and other decorative elements — Incorporating these pieces will add some dazzle to your fairy garden while serving a more practical purpose. Using small stones, for instance, offers drainage for pots that don’t have any. My Modern Met 


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