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Second choice?

Bollywood actress, Katrina Kaif is busy with her upcoming movie ‘Bharat’. The actress is doing back-to-back promotions for the movie these days. At the film’s promotion, Katrina has been passionately responding to the media and giving bold answers for their questions. Katrina Kaif has told Priyanka Chopra’s reason for leaving the film.

Recently Katrina has had a lot of talk about the film ‘Bharat’ to the Mumbai Mirror. In the interview, when Katrina Kaif was asked whether it was not in her mind that she is a second choice for the film ‘Bharat’?, she responded,

According to a report, Katrina had no idea that any other actress was selected before her for the film ‘Bharat’. Katrina Kaif said,

“I did not know who was selected for ‘Bharat’ before me. Ali Abbas Zafar talked to me during the shooting of ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ about the script of the film ‘Bharat’. Everyone has their own way of looking at things. I can not be in every film of Salman Khan’s. If Priyanka was selected for the film and if she did not do it, then she must have had some other reason for it. When I read the script, I liked it and thought that I could play my best role.”

Hindustan Times

‘Bharat’ starring Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Tabu, Disha Patani and Jackie Shroff will begin screening at Majestic Cineplex, Colombo, Colombo city Center and other film halls islandwide soon. It traces India’s post-independence history from the perspective of a common man. It is a CEL release


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