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Promoting a tapestry of tunes

The music is intense, virtuosic, and powerful. Driven by the screaming sounds of the electric guitar and the different types of drums, heavy metal is perhaps the most commercially successful genre of rock music. It is highly diverse and an ever-evolving musical genre. Yet it evolved in a sea of negativity as people were not ready to accept the noisy music and the long haired singers with tattoos all over wearing leather jackets, studded belts and spiked wrist bands.

“At present public is aware of this genre of music. The barriers and the mentality that heavy metal music is vandalizing are being slowly eliminated. A lot of venues have opened up and crowd is growing. Our audience now includes music lovers from Gamapha, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Ratnapura and Anuradhapura,” Suriya Brothers, Founder and Director, Pubudu Suriyapperuma said.

Established in 2013, Suriya Brothers was created with the express purpose of promoting local, homegrown music within the Rock N’ Roll and Heavy Metal super-genre.

“We bring together homegrown bands and music lovers of the community with the aim of providing maximum exposure to the remarkable musical talent from around the country. We provide a creative platform for ‘live’ performances, build a bigger audience in each of the respective genres all while creating value and make a difference in the industry of music,” Pubudu explained.

He added that the most important factor is that the music they promote is original. “The originality is what keeps this genre evolving. No one produces such original music. Musicians in this genre have discipline which makes it interesting. We strive to create events that bring vast community exposure to our homegrown talent provide them with as the groundwork to bring their talent to the forefront and support up and coming Rock N’ roll and Heavy Metal artistes and musicians,” Pubudu stated.

While Pubudu brings his unique blend of passion and flair combined with almost 13 to 14 years of experience to the mix, making him the lead Stratocaster, driving the Suriya Brothers rhythm, Asanga Suriyapperuma his elder brother takes up the role of Director of Operations and Marketing. Asanga uses his insight and industry knowledge with over 25 years experience to lead Suriya Brothers to success. Hiruni Witharana is the Head of Digital Marketing for Suriya Brothers. Always online and connected, she ensures Suriya Brothers is always connected. Johan Chrishantha heads the events. He is the resident artist and event maestro. Last but not least Suriya Brothers get the support of Rohan Amath as Manager – Creative Content. With over 20 years experience in marketing, copywriting, editing and operations, he adds the essential sizzle to the Suriya Brothers rhythm.

“Together with my team we make every effort to introduce the public to a new breed of band, whose passion and dedication are heard in their music, and to promote Sri Lankan artists/bands in the Rock N’ Roll and Heavy Metal genre, both locally and internationally thus offering them maximum exposure. We will work untiringly to cross boundaries and promote local talent in foreign countries by 2025. We are determined to celebrate the legends who dedicated their time and talent to bring inspiration to the uprising Rock and Heavy Metal Community,” Pubudu said.

He added that Suriya Brothers extend the fullest support to the bands and the individuals who have made a mark in this field of music. “Bands like Stigmata and Paranoid Earthlings have earned their position and few entities like Raavan Kommand and Mosh Scream Rock have gigs and concert series. But I see a lot more talent and they are fearless to experiment and produce quality entertainment. Suriya brothers will assist them to take the true local originality to the next level,” Pubudu stated.

To showcase emergent artists Suriya Brothers have two major events – Rock Saturday and Acoustic Saturday. Suriya Brothers will present Rock Saturday (IV) 2019 on July 27 in tribute to the fallen at the recent Easter Sunday terror attacks. Acoustic Saturday April edition which was scheduled for April 27 will be held on June 29 at the Ex Serviceman's Club.

“Rock Saturday is a string of Heavy Metal concerts in Colombo and Kandy conducted with a revamped arsenal of sounds and lighting, bringing together some of the most prolific rock n’ roll and heavy metal artists. Our latest flagship event it intended to present Heavy Metal and Hard Rock in the diametrically opposed Acoustic format. A novel approach in itself this monthly event will see Sri Lanka’s premier heavy metal bands take things down a notch and give fans a chance to hear the stories and inspirations behind the bands,” Pubudu explained.

Wacken Open Air is the world’s biggest hard rock/heavy metal festival named after a small village in the north of Germany called Wacken. The festival was first held in 1990 as a small event for local German bands. By 1998 the event had become the major festival on the European metal calendar and has included over 70 bands from all over Europe, North America and Australia the 2014 edition of the festival sold out in a record breaking time.

Wacken Metal Battle is an international competition which happens in 30 countries across the world and grew into a platform for upcoming bands to play at the biggest metal festival in the in the world, Wacken Open Air in Germany.

“Suriya Brothers handled the inaugural Sri Lankan Wacken Metal Battle on December 15, 2018 hosting the cream of Sri Lanka’s metal bands including Stigmata, Paranoid Earthling, Abyss, Neurocracy and Mass Damnation, who emerged the ultimate winners, punching their ticket to the next gateway to W.O.A, Bangalore Open Air. Each band promoted by Suriya Brothers is an asset. We aim to provide each band with the widest and most comprehensive exposure befitting their immense talent,” Pubudu said.

Suriya brothers invite all music lovers to follow them on FaceBook and Instagram and to discover this interesting genre of music which will free your spirit and soul.

Pictures by Kelum Liyanage 


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