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French spring festival at AFK

June is back and so is the French Spring Festival. Starting on June 14 until July 14, you are sure to find an event that will suit your interest at Alliance Francaise de Kandy.

Cine Kids

Couleur de peau: Miel

European on the heads side, Asian on the tails side, Cartoonist, 42 years old according to his civil status, Jung prefers to place his birth at the age of 5, when a policeman found him wandering alone on the streets of Seoul. He is one of those 200,000 adopted Koreans spread around the world. Jung decided to return, for the first time, in South Korea, in order to breath the air of his home country, tread the land of his ancestors, and maybe find traces of his biological mother. This trip of reconciliation with his roots and with himself, shot as a documentary, leads our character to recall in animation.

Sunday June 2 - 12pm- 1.15pm

Free event

Venue: Alliance Francaise de Kandy



The international music day is today celebrated by 120 countries around the world. Its purpose is to make music accessible for all through encouragement for amateurs and professional to perform and through the possibility to attend free concerts.

This Music event will take place at Amaya Hills Resort with French Dj Ludo Di Lucci who has built himself a reputation as one of the most skilled DJs of the capital and has shown a dazzling rise to success. He is inspired by a wide variety of musical genres including hip hop, sample beats from disco and funk and techno music.

This event is part of the French Spring Festival 2019 organised by the Embassy of France and the network of AF in Sri Lanka.

June 22 - 7pm onwards

Free event

Venue: Amaya Hills Hotel


Cine Club - 9 Mois Ferme

Ariane Felder is pregnant. This is all the more surprising since this examining magistrate is an old-fashioned single person. But even more surprising is the fact that, according to DNA tests, the father is no other than Bob, a criminal prosecuted for atrocious assault and battery. Ariane, who does not remember anything, tries to understand what happened.

Sunday, June 2 - 1.15pm - 2.45pm

Free event

Venue: Alliance Française Kandy


Art Exhibition

Art of Ivan Peries

The visual world stimulates an artist to create with passionate interest, ardor and enthusiasm. Ivan Peries needs no introduction since he has earned an undisputed reputation as an artist endowed with a lifetime devotion to the medium of colour which he executes with great freedom, charm and spontaneity.

His work has increasingly grown together with his vision of the Sri Lankan landscape. The development of his art has grown from the momentum generated in his early years in Sri Lanka. His mature work exhibits a fine control of emotions and technique.

Wednesday, June 12 - 5pm

Free event

Venue: Alliance Française Kandy


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