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Two nabbed while removing turtle eggs

Two persons were taken into custody when attempting to remove sea turtle eggs from a Green Sea Turtle nest at Mirissa beach on Saturday.

The two suspects were arrested by Wildlife Officers attached to the southern regional office, Mirissa range of the Wildlife Conservation Department.

According to sources, the Green Sea Turtle had spent more than three hours preparing for nesting. It would have reached Mirissa beach at around 12 midnight on Friday (31) and prepared the nest and laid eggs around 3.00 in the morning.

The suspects have destroyed the nest and attempted to remove the eggs when they were apprehended by the Mirissa range Wildlife Officers who were on security patrol. Mirissa range DWC office conduct coastal security patrols covering 10-30 km along Mirissa beach during the day and night. According to environmentalists, of the seven sea turtle species in the world, five come to Sri Lankan shores for nesting. According to the World Wildlife Organization, all species of sea turtles are classified endangered. The Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance prohibits taking sea turtle eggs or keeping them in possession or under the custody of anyone because the sea turtle is a strictly protected category of animals in Sri Lanka. 


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