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Govt. will safeguard the Buddha Sasana - Kiriella

Public Enterprise, Kandyan Heritage and Kandy Development Minister Lakshman Kiriella said that Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country and anyone arguing otherwise has no accurate understanding of the history of Sri Lanka.

Minister Kiriella also observed that the present government will always be dedicated to safeguarde the Buddha Sasana.

“When there is a Sinhala Buddhist government in this country, it shall never allow the Buddha Sasana to be destroyed. All previous governments protected the Buddha Sasana and this government will also take every measure to safe guard Buddhism.

People who make all sorts of statements about whether Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country or not, I unfortunately have to say, are not people who know about our history,” Minister Kiriella pointed out.

Minister Kiriella made these observations while participating in the foundation stone laying ceremony held at the Bogambara Bodhimalu Viharaya, Kandy yesterday (02), for a hospice to house elderly monks. The project is worth Rs.10 million including the funds provided by the Ministry of Kandyan Heritage.

Minister Kiriella said, “This country has been under foreign rule for over 400 years. Even they could not destroy the Buddha sasana in this country, thanks to our Theras.

“Now we have a Buddhist government, so how can Buddha Sasana get destroyed?” he questioned. 


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