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Solar Industry Association dismayed over project halt

The Solar Industry Association on Friday expressed its dissatisfaction over the sudden decision taken by the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) and the Ministry of Power and Energy to stop the installation of country’s future solar power projects that could add 200 MW to the national grid.

This was highlighted at a seminar, conducted by the Solar Industry Association with the participation of eminent personalities involved in the Sri Lankan solar power sector.

The seminar also revealed that the `Surya Bala Sangramaya’ programme was launched in 2016 with the sole objective of producing energy using solar power and over 17,000 solar power installations have so far been successfully carried out in all parts of the country. Addressing the seminar Regen Renewables (Pvt) Ltd, Director, CEO Lakmal Fernando expressed concern over the decision taken by the CEB and the Power and Energy Ministry to stop future installations of solar power projects other than small size solar power projects.

He said the solar power projects were installed in 2016 with the sole authority of relevant authorities and this decision is contravening even the Cabinet decision taken on June 25, 2016 to install solar power projects. Fernando further highlighted that the decision, taken to stop installation of solar power projects will also lead to the complete destruction of the solar industry in Sri Lanka and it will also lead to the loss of over 10,000 employment opportunities. He said such a decision will also lead to the contravention of international agreements signed by Sri Lanka such as the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Convention which say that 50 percent of the total energy needs of the country through renewable energy sources such as solar power by 2030.
The Solar Industry Association will therefore request the President, Prime Minister and Cabinet ministers to look into this matter at least until the target of generating 1,000 MW of solar power projects in the country is achieved.


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