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SEC daily average turnover up – Annual report

The daily average turnover for the year ended December 31, 2017 was Rs 915 million from Rs 737 million in 2016 the SEC annual report which was published in its website stated.

There were three new listings and two de-listings in the period. The market capitalization was Rs 2.89 trillion from 2.74 trillion in 2016.

The total return on the S&P 20 Sri Lanka 20 index was 8.6 percent from the previous year. The number of Debt market trades increased by 81 percent. Unit trust holdings were 128.8 billion from 103.8 billion. The total expenditure of the SEC stood at Rs 422 million from Rs 362 million in 2016. Staff salaries increased to Rs 108 million from Rs 99 million in 2016.

The rent and car park rental cost Rs 71 million for the year. Profits from the stock broking industry stood at Rs 4.2 million from a loss of Rs 452 million in 2016. The report mentions demutualization and the SEC playing a leading role in submitting the bill to the Cabinet of Ministers in January 2018. The Bill was thereafter published in the Gazette and the Order Paper in February 2018.

The report notes ‘The new SEC Act deals with the legal framework necessary to facilitate the capital market of Sri Lanka to move to the next stage of development whilst enhancing the protection granted to investors.

(New) mandatory provisions on auditors to whistle blow to the Commission in the event or probable event of a violation of the provisions of the SEC Act by listed public companies and stakeholders under regulation of the SEC, paying a bounty to whistleblowers.


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