The most natural tendency in the human being is to protect himself, shield and defend himself and do the same to others. Those who go to the extent of protecting and defending others like oneself at great cost, even at the cost of one’s life, are considered heroes by sensible people. Shortsighted and cunning political despots, concerned more about their own selfish survival and perpetuation in power, very often decorate with medals, along with those who may merit them, even those who for their own selfish ends disregard the lives of even innocent human beings.

Today, power takes such a stranglehold of their minds and hearts with a loss of inner freedom and discernment along with the human spirit, that they are not only unaware of the low decline of their own worth, they are very ignorant of the human condition.


Good human beings, in the words of Jesus Christ, should be the ‘salt of the earth’, that is, well formed and perfecting, human beings faithful to their human dignity by being truthful, upright, just and humble. All that is human need to be qualitatively maintained and even reviewed and enhanced to keep to the human lest it deteriorates. It is in human upbringing and education that decent humanness could be instilled and sustained.

The human condition is such that the human being is inadequate to automatically enhance and preserve himself from declining and degenerating.

History of the last century shows that human beings, also in politics and state agencies, could degenerate to become so dehumanized to be turned into monstrous specimens. Monstrous men of the last century have been more wicked and shed more blood than in all the previous nineteen centuries combined.

The human works of evil continue in this century too in various places including Sri Lanka in various proportions of dehumanization. This must be arrested and completely stopped.

Religions too could deteriorate due to human beings being prone to that which is evil and far from human. In the practice of religion, all have fallen short of the summons to be renewed and receptive to whatever is true, honest and just, pure, lovely and of good report, whatever is virtuous, holy, beautiful and praiseworthy.


History is replete with the failures of human beings. When important and central figures of human society show forth their moral failures in their actions, they to a great extent drag down a major part if not the whole of society with them.

The failures of any of the followers of the religions is due to their not acting according to the benevolent precepts of the religion and the neglect of the virtuous spirit of religion; it is the result of a lack of the knowledge and right understanding of religion or not living according to its precepts and not practicing what one knows to be true and just. It is not necessarily a failure of the religion itself.

It is observable that truth, justice, peace, honesty, purity, heroism and holiness are everywhere valued and appreciated; their upholders are praised and held in honour. At the same time it is also apparent that daring evil thoughts, words, actions have an abnormal attractiveness to those who engage in them. Some, who notice their daring to suddenly kill themselves like the suicide bombers (while causing the deaths of many others and destroying the immediate surrounding and sending a threatening caustic message to all others), also ‘hesitantly admire’ their audacity and even like to emulate their evil daring. Though there are among us those who have left everything to self-sacrificingly and genuinely serve their fellow human beings, esteem and appreciation of their service is less apparent and is not shown by a corresponding strong and approving response.

Then there are the top level politicians and bureaucrats deciphering and analyzing the environment, background and the details of the life of the suicide bombers while they are oblivious to the putrid and contemptible state of their own ego-absorbed selfish hearts and minds and spirit far removed from a sensitive social conscience and the democratic spirit. Politicians politicize everything. But when things go wrong and politicians are found fault with, they abdicate responsibility and find fault with subordinates.


We wish to live in a free and democratic society. Sufficient people should pay attention to keep our society democratic and free. A society does not become democratic by a majority having its way of imposing its will on all others. The ‘carriers’ of democracy are the collective of representatives of all the people who should uphold the human dignity, honour and respect due to all the people they represent. When genuine human dignity, honour, respect, equality and justice of all the people are upheld by law, no section of the people could come into conflict with the rights of others.

It is up to the wisdom of the peoples’ representatives to devise up-to-date laws to bring about practical ways of living together peacefully with the mutual respect of one another intact. Peoples’ representatives should be in constant touch with all sections of the people they represent. Very often they are not. Politicians of today tend to confine themselves to their political ghettos. Rather than humanize democratic society they arbitrarily choose to politicize partisan sections of society; they miss the bigger scenario and the actual situation of the people. It is only when a suicide bomber explodes himself/herself that they wake up to reality.

And usually the politicians, far more busy with personal and family affairs than matters of state and peoples’ well-being, absolve themselves and blame someone else. They have been elected not to cushion their lives with palaces to live in and luxurious vehicles to travel in and an abundance of other perks and privileges they could provide for themselves.

They have been elected to serve all the people selflessly, justly and honestly. Their extravagant lives are not models for the people. Their intervention on behalf of anyone should not do injustice to any other person. They have now come to admit that they have collectively dragged the whole country with its people down a precipice.


Self-control and restraining oneself voluntarily for the sake of others is a sign of enhanced humanness and cultural standards. This aspect of life also comes from religious communities. Communities of Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Christians and other religions live in Sri Lanka. All enjoy equal rights and all are equal before the law.

Every community should be mutually co-responsible for the well-being of other communities so that no physical harm is caused by its members to any other community for whatever reason. The sectarian group that engaged in suicide bombing in three Christian places of worship and in three hotels were not approved of by all the other Muslim communities. A religious denomination or a local community may make a blunder that causes social confusion, but today no genuine religious community organises itself to cause physical harm to people and damage the property of anyone. If that is ever done, the agencies that uphold the law should be able to deal with such matters without anyone’s interference.

Further, the religious communities should be able to inform the State agencies of national security of any doubtful and suspicious sects and elements among misguided religious people who could cause harm to the citizens of Sri Lanka. It should be possible to root out such like extremist groups from ever setting up a foothold and making headway in Sri Lanka. 


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