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CMC Commissioner’s transfer legal - Governor

The Western Province Governor’s office announced that Colombo Municipal Commissoner V. K. Anura’s transfer was in accordance with the official reports following a Presidential Commission announcement made in February last year.

The statement to the press further said that three separate reports from the Presidential Commission, Auditor General and also from a special committee of inquiry appointed by the Western Province Governor had revealed that there were irregularities in the dealings of the municipal commissioner regarding matters arising from the Meethotamulla garbage dump disaster.

Based on the findings of the special committee report, the Public Service Commission had confirmed irregularities of the charges levelled against the commissioner and the transfer was effected accordingly, the statement said.

The Meethotamulla garbage dump, located in Potuwilkumbura, was a small-scale dump garbage site for Mulleriyawa and Kolonnawa provincial councils. Following the shifting of the Bloemendhal garbage dump, garbage collected from the Colombo municipal council was also dumped at the Meethotamulla dump. In 2009, residents of Meethotamulla area have filed a human rights case against the Colombo municipal council in the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court said to stop dumping garbage to this site within two years and the dump area should be limited to only two acres. There have also been number of several public protests against dumping garbage in this area in 2013.

However, the Meethotamulla garbage dump has grown up to 17 to 20 acres, and it is said the height of the garbage mountain was closer to 20 meters. Around 800 tons of garbage is dumped to Meethotamulla on a daily basis.

Eight Grama Niladari divisions including Sedawatta, Welewatta, Kotuwila, Kuruniyawatta, Kittampahuwa, Weheragoda, Wennawatta, and Halmulla surrounds the Meethotamulla garbage dump.There are about 5,000 families resided in the area and about a 20,000 population live in the vicinity of the garbage dumping area.In the eve of New Year celebrations the garbage dump collapsed, claiming 23 lives.


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