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China relaxes travel advisory

The Chinese government has relaxed the tourism travel advisory imposed on Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the Easter Sunday bomb blasts.

The advisory which said ‘Do not travel to Sri Lanka’ has now been toned down to ‘be cautious’.

Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau Chairman Kishu Gomes said this was a welcome move as the ‘Do not travel’ advisory reflected badly on Sri Lanka.

“It was one of the harshest by any foreign country. The new advisory is up for revival on May 31 and we think that this would be further relaxed if there are no more incidents in Sri Lanka,” he said.

The relaxation of this advisory is a welcome move for the Sri Lankan tourism sector as China was among the top arrival destinations for Sri Lanka for several months.

Tourism Minister John Amaratunge and Gomes had met the US, UK, German, Indian and Chinese Ambassadors and spoke to them about the adverse travel advisories imposed by them. “We are confident that these advisories too would be relaxed soon.”

“When adverse travel advisories are posted on countries, insurance companies do not honour any claims of tourists and hence tourists do not travel to these countries taking a risk,”Gomes said.



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