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Business community takes pledge for unity

 Ceylon Chamber of Commerce CEO, Dhara Wijayatilake takes the pledge looked upon by members of other chambers
Ceylon Chamber of Commerce CEO, Dhara Wijayatilake takes the pledge looked upon by members of other chambers

Following the Easter Sunday carnage, the representatives of the business community took a pledge for unity yesterday.

The pledge was taken in all three languages by over 300 corporates. This oath was taken during the course of the day, at other corporate offices around the country.

“Last Thursday, a group of nine Chambers met to discuss the present situation in the country.

We decided that much has to be done to reunite a temporarily fragmented Sri Lanka,” said CEO, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Dhara Wijayatilake.

She also said that their main motive behind this was to ask the business community to take a pledge to work towards the goal of uniting the people and that thereby will inspire everyone in this country to do the same.

Addressing the gathering President, National Chamber of Commerce, Asela de Livera said it is crucial to establish unity among Sri Lankans at the moment. “Throughout these years we have never seen any difference but a united business community who work together to develop this nation,” he added.

This is a very timely event which not only initiate peace and harmony in an organization but also among customers they are working with.

“Been an exporter it is very important for us not to lose our overseas customers,” said President, National Chamber of Exporters, Ramya Weerakoon. The hard work done by exporters plays a major role in contributing for the national economy, thus she said a program like this helps to build the image of the country within the globe and carries a good message to the local and global society.

Moreover, she said that accounting for the hard work and strength of our security forces, peace and security of the country has been restored and thus the people could now get back to their normal lifestyle without any fear.

Co-founder and Managing Director, Mitra Innovation, Dammika Ganegama said that this is a wonderful idea and it is their responsibility to make sure that their companies are aware of it and spread it across the nation. “We need to show love and compassion towards everyone and get together as one to eradicate these evil powers,” he added.

He also said that their companies are doing a lot to preserve unity among their employees and to ensure that they are doing well. The pledge states that the business community should cooperate to work towards building a united Sri Lanka in which people can live and work together in unity, peace and harmony, irrespective of differences in religion and ethnicity and to acknowledge the diversity within us and treat each other with respect at work and in the community.

Thus they pledged to work together to forge a true Sri Lankan identity and thereby restore Sri Lanka as a peaceful nation.

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