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Vesak message:

Buddha’s teachings build a society with boundless peace – President

Born in the Kingdom of Shakya of Bharath Deshaya, in the sixth century B.C., Prince Siddhartha attained Enlightenment at the shades of Bodhi at Buddhagaya and Passed Away at the Sacred Sal Uyana of Kusinara and this day of Vesak, which is triply blessed by those sacred events of the Buddha, is celebrated with much devotion and faith, states President Maithripala Sirisena in a Vesak message.

The message: “Strolling along the banks of rivers, researching the Dhamma sermons of great teachers, displaying tremendous discipline, strength, determination and commitment. Siddhartha attained the supreme bliss of Nirvana based on one’s own intellect.

“On this momentous day of Vesak, we must recollect the teachings of the Buddha to build a society with boundless peace by shunning all attempts to destroy each other for the greed for power.

For a society to blossom without fear, danger and mistrust, the Buddha has preached. “Hatred will not heal hatred but kindness will heal hatred”. It is the time we became strong enough to truly, meaningfully and honestly relate this eternal truth.

“We, with an understanding of the history of the Buddha Dhamma that dates back to 2500 years, in which not a drop of blood was shed to convert non-Buddhists to Buddhism or in the name of the Great Teacher, have realized the temporary nature of power through weapons.

“Whatever the motive might be, knowing that the sins will lead the way to damnation, we must determine on this day of Vesak to evade the misbeliefs and to make the teachings of the Buddha a path that leads our country towards prosperity and a society that is safe and secure.

“I wish a blessed Vesak Poya Day for the Buddhist people of Sri Lanka and the Buddhists around the world.”


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