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Science now into inclusion reverses fact based findings

At long last scientists themselves are backtracking on that which is phenomenal of what they once firmly believed as logical and rational findings. Their perception of rationality has transformed into a very holistic approach of what they once disowned. They now are highly accommodative of universality, the cosmos, infinite wisdom, the boundless entity -a state of unrestricted bliss– all of which admittedly cannot be proved by scientific thinking, perhaps, a re- entry of the age of enlightenment that once was, following the dark ages of the13th century. If the dark ages are notably a backward time in human history, the veracity and authenticity of modern timesas being an age of lopsided development cannot be over ruled. Obviously one begins to think where on earth all has this phenomenal knowledge taken us? Has the world become anybetter with such rationale? Is the earth a secure place to live in.The incompatibility of peace and comfort that modern times offer underscores the failure of scientific knowledge and development. That the concept of oneness rests not on identity but the dismantling of identity where social, stratification gender and all other divisiveness recedes and wholesomeness arrived at. Nationality, caste, creed, race, religion, properties other assets and the like recede in the dismantling of identities.

This is a confirmation of writer engagement in her quiet moments - invariably an alignment with Professor Scientist William Keepin (PhD) mathematical physicist when he outshone his metaphysical brilliance at the second death anniversary of Dr. A. M. M Sahabdeen, former Chairman Dr. Sahabdeen Trust and Foundation, philanthrothrophist, author scholar, writer and educationist of the former prestigious civil service which grandeur and dignity the present administrative service lacks with its unfailingly conspicuous ` yes men’ and lackeys.

A leading scientist in the U.S., Professor Keepin, strange as it may sound has moved away from his traditional club of fellow scientists and joining quite rightly a novel band of his innovative thinking yields to the realization of oneness devoid of identity. “Oneness is not identity,” he insisted at which point the writer asked him how in a world of identities with accessories, labels and externalities that the system demands, one could reach out to oneness, he replied, “the question is resonant but I have no answer.”

It brought to writer mind a socio/political /religious/economic system with its multifarious identities focussed only on power consolidation and economic gain that has progressively gripped man to the loss of realizing this oneness or the discovery of the inner self of ‘who am I?’. An increase in western scientists of Professor Keepin’s ilk, novel, yet authentic outlook, the world will surely be a better, sustainable and more secure place for it will challenge and even endanger all accepted societal norms of gender inequality, social stratification, the concepts of religion, nation, ethnicity, caste, race and a host of identities - all an emotional baggage that have robbed man of his best – the internal identity he is divinely heir to. That the scientists are moving away from their regular mindset is indeed a refreshener. True enough science has brought much comfort without peace according to Sadhguru, one of India’s brilliant thinkers.

Professor Keepin further insisted that we are the ‘other’ and there is no ‘other’ than this ‘other ‘ is within ourselves, strikes concord with the holy trinity – Father ,Son , Holy Ghost, the Buddha, the Dhamma sangha, the Islamic component of Allah, Muhammed and Rasool. It also brought to writer’s mind of the oft recited Qur’anic words, ‘lailaaha illallah’ -there is no god but God. This universality cuts across all religions and faiths including Judaism and Anal Haq. “God created humanity in his image but let us create humanity in our own image,” he proclaimed, effacing the traditional societal acceptance of a personalized God reminding this writer of how a politicized God is compulsory compulsion for systemic existence.

Emphasizing the fact that a hidden order prevails beyond space and time representing the unseen, he spoke at length on consciousness which he called self emptying all of which predominates Rumi, Rabia, Theresa of Avila, Qudsi, Henri Saud, John of the Cross among so many others. Rabia even said, “Oh Lord, if I want to enter heaven please shut its doors and if I want to be kept off hell, burn me therein but if I want to be in thy presence, do not deny me thy grace!” obviously Professor Keepin was hinting at interaction with externalities or identifying ourselves with external paraphernalia subverts authentic consciousness and is a hindrance to self emptying that denies man the privilege of such and knowing who we are. As a result, what we are comes instead of who we are comes to the forefront and man is most boastful in his built up ego that he misses the wood for the trees -this time of self realization.

Admirable indeed was his courage to address what remained unaddressed so far, considering his mathematical and physicist background. “We are so enamoured with the love of science and failed to develop the science of love. What the world needs today is inner science taking us to the infinite or the inner universe of love. Proving, in no mean words that science is most incapable of proving divine love through scientific facts. Striking profundity he declared, “What we need is not the love of science but the science of love.”

One look at Professor Keepin he surely reflects an aura not found in the mediocre that comes not with education but in exploring the possibilities that exist beyond limitations and boundaries. “God is far greater and wider than to be confined to one. Relating to this supreme other is what we need where the finite reaches out to the infinite. When the self is dissolved and we become the other into oneness and infinity, our lives truly become more meaningful. To reach out to a higher truth beyond understanding, a state of knowledgelessness where the opposite of ignorance is not knowledge, into a higher plane of consciousness - that should be our endevour in becoming human beings far beyond the state of human.”

Professor Chandra Wickremasingha also addressed gathering. Rizwan Sahabdeen reminiscing to a laughing audience disclosed how his father would not encourage him into joining his business until and unless he came with his own monies. “That was the strict Martinet he was because he did not want even his son to have the easy way out.” Samiya Sahabdeen Noordeen, Dr. Hilali Noordeen and Izmeth Majid also spoke.

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