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PSC to probe Easter Sunday carnage, other mob attacks

A Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) will be appointed to probe the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks and incidents in its aftermath and its members will be named soon, Speaker Karu Jayasuriya said.

He said during party leaders’ meetings he had always stressed the need for the President, Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition to work together at this crucial moment in the country’s history and he hoped they would heed his call.

The Speaker was speaking to the media after he called on the Malwatte, Asigiriya and Ramannya Prelates at their respective temples in Kandy and received their blessings yesterday (May 15). The Speaker said in order to prevent another fundamentalist terrorist attack again he hoped to propose the appointment of a Presidential Commission with full powers to recommend measures towards fostering inter communal trust, confidence and co-operation and strengthen security in the country.

He recalled that a similar Presidential Commission was appointed in 1989 to prevent youth unrest.

A hidden hand is trying to sabotage the Vesak celebrations, Speaker Karu Jayasuriya said. He said the security and intelligence personnel would reveal in the future as to who are operating that hidden hand.

The Speaker said the mob violence centering Minuwangoda and Kuliyapitiya was related to the conspiracy to sabotage Vesak celebrations. The Speaker observed those incidents were a disgrace to the country internationally.

The Speaker said that the Vesak would be celebrated giving priority to Prathipaththi Puja over Amisa Puja. He said there is a sinister fear mongering campaign in the country to mislead the people with false rumours.

The Speaker, observing the dire repercussions of recent attacks on mosques and business places, said all Sri Lankans and Sinhala Buddhists must be ashamed of such attacks. The Speaker reminded that even the Sinhalese people work in the business places attacked by mobs.



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