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Sri Lanka to have dialogue to curb spread of extremism

Sri Lanka is able to have a dialogue with certain countries in the Middle East to prevent Islamic extremist Wahhabism from spreading in the country, Minister Navin Dissanayake yesterday stated.

Minister Dissanayake said that it is evident that many individuals who find employment in Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia end up becoming the victims of Wahhabism.

“All these countries are friendly nations of Sri Lanka. Hence, a dialogue with them is a possibility as a measure to curb the Wahabist influence reaching Sri Lanka,” Dissanayake said.

Dissanayake pointed out that several East Asian countries are facing the same issue. Minister Dissanayake also observed that there is a very clear link between Wahhabism, the ISIS terrorist group and radicalization in certain Middle Eastern countries.

“There is a huge debate over the influence of Wahabism in countries such as Saudi Arabia, we know this and you all know this. What do we do about it? We have a large number of Sri Lankans going to these countries and they stay there for three or four years. From what I understand, they come back to the country after being influenced by the Wahhabist ideology,” Dissanayake pointed out.

“We are not the only country that this has happened. There are several countries in the East Asian region that are affected by this. This is an eye opener to our country. That is why we are bringing the Madrasa Act. The Government should be sensitive to the very extremist form of Wahhabism that comes from certain countries. Just like the Western countries have been affected by this, our country is also affected by this extreme form of ideology that is emanating from countries in the Middle East, who are also friendly countries towards Sri Lanka,” Dissanayake explained.

“We can have a dialogue to curb this form of extremism coming from certain countries and different Muslim sects in those countries. The 9/11 World Trade Centre attackers in the USA was by radicalized young Muslims from Saudi Arabia. Ours is not the first time that an incident of this nature has happened. This is a global phenomenon. I am confident that Sri Lanka, in tandum with the intelligence services in other countries can counter this threat,” Minister Dissanayake said.



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