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‘Madrasa Act to be introduced’

Minister Navin Dissanayake yesterday stated that the government will bring in the Madrasa Act within the next two weeks to curtail the spreading of Islamic extremism via religious education centers.

Speaking of the policy and legal measures taken by the government against extremism that penetrates into the average Muslim community in the country, Minister Dissanayake said, “We have taken some immediate measures such as banning the face cover and are planning to introduce the Madrasa Act. We have taken a series of measures for public security. The Armed Forces have been given a free hand to tackle the security situation,” he added.

The Minister was also critical of the way in which some of the media institutions are operating with reference to the communal violence that has taken place in the last few days.

“Certain media are trying to spin this in a different way. We have been monitoring these media instituttions. They have been acting in a very irresponsible manner. While we respect media freedom, we request the media to respect other institutions in this country, especially the Tri-Forces and Police. Don’t respect us, because judgment has already been passed on pliticians. Let us wait for the election and see how we are going to come out of this situation,”Minister Dissanayake said.


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